About Us EPS Innovative Medicine Co., Ltd. will serve as a
bridge to send
promising seeds from
both Japan and overseas to
the market
as soon as possible.

About Us

EPS Innovative Medicine (Japan) Co., Ltd. is the core company of the drug discovery and development of the healthcare business operated by EPS Creative Health Technology Group Limited. Our business is to enhance the value of drug candidates and technologies introduced by our joint venture (JV), which is a company of our group, or those found in our research division, by combining the knowledge and know-how accumulated by EPS Group over many years and promoting clinical development on our own. We will then realize the manufacturing and launching in Japan and particularly in China or licensing them to our partner enterprises.
We will build a platform for new drug discovery and regenerative medicine and act as a “bridge” so that promising drug candidates and technologies in Japan and other countries can be delivered early not only in Japan but to the world market, particularly in Asia.

Greetings from the President

Tomohiro Nakatani

Representative Director
President and Representative Corporate Officer and CEO
Tomohiro Nakatani

EPS Innovative Medicine (Japan) Co., Ltd. was established on October 8, 2021, as a company responsible for the drug discovery business , which the EPS Group is challenging as a new business domain.. It comprises the Development Promotion Center and the Research Center as its drug discovery divisions. The Development Promotion Center supports affiliated companies of the EPS Group, such as FEF Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and EPD Co., Ltd., which specialize in the development of technologies and drug candidates discovered by academia, and is engaged in the development of new drugs and regenerative medicine. The Research Center focuses on secretory IgA present in the mucous membranes throughout the body and conducts research on its association with allergic diseases, as well as studies on tongue sublingual vaccines that enhance defense against bacterial and viral infections. The technologies and drug candidates that EPS Innovative Medicine (Japan) Co., Ltd., Ltd. is working on in its research and development are still in the early stages, and the technologies and drug candidates of FEF Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which are about to start Phase I/II investigator-initiated trials, are at the most advanced stage of development. By leveraging the knowledge, talent, and network that the EPS Group has cultivated through clinical trial support in Japan and China, EPS Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. aims to steadily advance clinical development, enhance the value of the technologies and drug candidates, and deliver outputs to the Asian market, with a focus on Japan and China.

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